The Things You Realize You Took for Granted About Rainbow After Retuning as an Adult

I was a Rainbow Girl in the 90’s. I loved it and it filled much of my life from 12 to 20 years old. After Rainbow, it was important for me to have an adjustment period, and to fill my time with some other things that were important and interesting to me. Returning to Rainbow many years and life experiences later… I’ve realized there’s a lot we took for granted!

  1. Rainbow gave us the chance to work with all different kinds of people. When I look around the room at Grand Assembly I see so many girls of very different backgrounds, personality types, talents, and abilities. Each of them are here to work together and support each other, in the name of sisterhood.
  2. Rainbow gave us so much confidence. I think about how nervous I was to do ritual work or floor work for the first time. After a few years of it the nerves were gone. That carries with you throughout your life and it’s fun to watch the confidence grow in the girls now.
  3. The leadership experience was truly unique. To run meetings, plan events, create service projects, raise money, generate ideas, plan, and execute all of that… you learn about responsibility, seeing something through to the end, and the type of leader you want to be in life.
  4. The Rainbow adults you had in your life were like second parents. When you come back you get the chance to connect with them again and you realize how much mentorship took place. They taught you so much and helped create the person you are today and now YOU have the chance to do that for a girl!
  5. Rainbow taught us the true meaning of service. When I return I see it still lives in the girls’ hearts. It’s nice to support that and get a living reminder for yourself.
  6. There are very few groups you can belong to where people clap for you just for walking into the room. Now that’s some confidence building! When you come back, clap and cheer really loud.
  7. After years of being away, you realize it’s really fun to dress up sometimes!
  8. Rainbow feels like home. Coming back, seeing some familiar faces, greeting new ones, enjoying beautiful old traditions, and learning about brand new ones… you realize you have this place where there’s a sense of community and it’s like you never left.



One thought on “The Things You Realize You Took for Granted About Rainbow After Retuning as an Adult

  1. This is a great website! I am a former Rainbow Girl and loved every moment of friendship I found there! I learned how to have a friend and to be a friend! I learned about working and playing with others. I learned how to speak in public without getting too nervous! If you have a young daughter I suggest you give her the opportunity to become a Rainbow Girl. You and she will love it!


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