be-of-valueWhat if we had this in mind for all of our endeavors? Don’t get me wrong. Success is important. But won’t creating value always lead to success in some form? Isn’t it a success on it’s own?

Thinking about your goals and plans in this way takes the pressure off a little bit. Who decides what is or isn’t a success, anyway? Is the runner who comes in first a success? Is the runner who comes in 10th but beat her personal best a success? Both are!

So, how can you create value today, whether for your family, for a stranger, or for yourself so that you can beat your personal best? Ask yourself that every morning, and every night before bed name the moments where you created value. Even better, write them down! A year from now you’d have a whole journal filled and a little something to look back on to make you feel like the powerful person you are. One who can make this world a better place one moment at a time.



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