Rainbow Girls Leading the World

Every now and then here on the blog, we’re going to learn about a former Rainbow girl who is out there doing amazing things as a leader in our country. Today that amazing woman is Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger.

440px-dorothy_metcalf-lindenburger_jsc2004-e-40090Dorothy is a former American Astronaut and is the first person to ever attend space camp as a child and then go on to become an astronaut as an adult! She began her career as a teacher, teaching high school earth science and astronomy for 5 years. She also coached track and the Science Olympiad, a big team science competition.

She was selected to become an astronaut in 2004 and successfully completed all of her training in 2006. For her training Dorothy had to gain new science and technical knowledge, learn all about the shuttles and the International Space Station, as well as go through new physical trainings, flight training, water and wilderness survival training.

Dorothy went into space in 2010 in a successful mission to bring supplies to the International Space Station. For her next mission, in 2012, she became an aquanaut! Dorothy spent 12 days under water on a deep sea exploration mission.

Here’s what Dorothy  has to say about her time in Rainbow (via the Supreme webpage, gorainbow.org):

“By being a Rainbow Girl, I learned leadership skills, poise, public speaking skills, a responsibility to my community, and I met life-long friends.

I have a lot of good memories of being a Rainbow Girl. I enjoyed going to the Colorado State Capitol for mock trials with Jobs Daughters and DeMolay. I liked our service projects and our sleepovers, and I loved traveling to State and National events. I even liked memorizing our initiation work.

The advice that I would give today’s Rainbow Girls is to find what you are passionate about and pursue it. Keep your goals high and be prepared to work towards them. Do not limit your dreams, make your education a priority, and make sure to stay connected to your community through service work.”

I’m so proud to share the experience of Rainbow with someone like Dorothy!


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