Why We Celebrate

As Black History Month comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about why we celebrate. There are many reasons, of course, but how about from a leadership perspective? How does it make us better leaders?

pexels-photo-185762One of the things that inspires, motivates, and gives us ideas is the stories of others. We’ve all read a book, watched a movie, or known a person with an inspiring story. Unfortunately, in the history of our country, there are many inspiring stories that haven’t been told. That’s why we take some time to make sure we talk and think about them. They are the stories of our country, of our neighbors, and we can all benefit from hearing them.

What stories are out there that you haven’t heard yet? What words, ideas, thoughts, and actions of others could help you on your journey to become your best self, to becoming a better leader in your world? Use these observances to find out. March is Women’s History Month, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month as well as Jewish American Heritage Month, September is Hispanic Heritage Month… and that’s just a few. Go out there and get inspired!


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